Why would a home visit work better for me?

Some dogs present with problems that can’t be addressed in a group situation. Some dog owners are not able to regularly attend a course. Some owners have never owned a dog before and are quite anxious about participating in a class situation. For these people a in-home training in the form of a home visit is the ideal way to learn about their dog in familiar surroundings and to have a program specially tailored to their dog’s needs.


This service is for puppies and dogs of any age and any breed. It is a service aimed at teaching dog owners how to develop desirable behaviours in their dogs, using reward-based training.

Where & When?

In-home visits are available from Monday to Saturday. We specialise in Dog Behaviour Newcastle, Dog Behaviour Port Stephens, Dog Behaviour Maitland and Dog Behaviour Hunter.


The ideal way to learn about your dog in familiar surroundings and to have a program specially tailored to your dog’s needs. Your wish list might include dealing with:

  • Jumping up
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Separation anxiety
  • Toilet training
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Obsessive behaviours
  • Fears and phobias
  • Attention seeking
  • Barking
  • Aggression
  • Escaping
  • Excitability
  • Recall off the lead
After just one ‘home session visit’ with Julie regarding our deep-set concerns with our 4 year old Lhasa Apso, Oscar, Julie has made such a difference to ours and Oscar’s life! He was definitely “Oscar the Grouch” with an arrogant opinion of himself, disobedient, snappy, moody, occasionally affectionate, an unnecessary and annoying continual bark, bad behaviour towards our new puppy and yet in thunderstorms would cower, shake and become overly stressed. Due to Julie’s knowledge, prestige, suggestions, advice and encouragement, our family now has an “Oscar” to be proud of. We cannot believe how quickly the firm commands, the consequences of bad behaviour and the consistent rewards for good behaviour have worked!! He has also learned so many tricks since we began the training which previously was a nightmare and almost impossible. We recommend Julie with the greatest esteem.

- Narelle and Tiffany

Booking an appointment

Your investment starts at $275, depending on location.

Because a home visit is such a personalised service we like to talk to you in person about the issues and the most suitable time for the trainer and you to meet.

You can contact us on 0459 574 428 Monday to Friday during business hours or you can leave a message at any time. It is our goal to return your call within 2 Business Days.

We are able to offer In-home consultations from Monday to Saturday, including early evening and Sunday visits if available in the trainer’s schedule.

You can also send us an email, using the contact form below. If you would like us to call you, please remember to include your telephone number in the message.