Who Might Need this One-on-One Dog Training?

  • Any person who owns a dog that is unable to listen, focus and walk nicely on the lead in public.
  • People with leash-reactive dogs, seeking entry into our Growly Classes
  • People with leash-reactive dogs who are not sure why their dogs reacts like that around other dogs.
  • People who are worried about their dog’s behaviour in our Good Manners course so want to learn a few skills to have “up their sleeve” before the first group lesson.

Where will this session be taught?

For this dog training session, it’s important we aren’t interrupted by random dogs moving past the area in which we are training. It’s also important that we do it in a neutral area for the dog, especially the home property. For this reason, we have sourced five locations that suit these needs. The Newcastle dog training locations are at Teralba Primary SchoolMayfield Veterinary Hospital and Fern Bay Primary School. The Port Stephens dog training locations are at the Cookabarra Restaurant at Bobs Farm and at Fern Bay Primary School. The Maitland dog training location is at Morpeth Vet Clinic.

What leash skills will be taught?

A set of up to six skills is taught in this session, depending on the needs of the dog and the handler. The purpose of these skills is to:

  • Build a stronger, positive bond between dog and handler.
  • Minimise the stress of dog and handler during walks on lead.
  • Be able to redirect the dog calmly back in the direction of the handler, without force.
  • Begin to change the dog’s emotional state when he encounters dogs out on walks.
I would highly recommend Julie at Barkers in Balance for any dog that “thinks that he is the Boss”. I have a Staffie & he used to pull like crazy when I tried walking him and basically had his mind set on doing “his own thing”. I did a couple of one on one classes with Julie. We practised a few easy techniques which have had amazing results for Chief. I now attend the Growlies training class which has helped so much. Chief & myself go on walks together..

- Janelle Jones

What does my investment get me?

Your investment in this one-hour session is $130.

During the session you will have the principles and practices explained an demonstrated. Your trainer will supervise you practising the skills so that you can return home confident in your ability to execute these practises. After the session you will receive a detailed email outlining the practices and a proposed schedule of where to practise each day and for how long.

How can I book for one of these sessions?

Because this session is so individualised and dependent on the trainer’s weekly schedule, the most efficient way to book is to phone us on 0459 574 428. Alternatively, you could send an inquiry from this website or talk to us on Facebook.