Why a class for older dogs?

Dogs pass through developmental stages just like children. People who have taken their puppies to puppy school often lament that the training seems to lose its intensity when the dog reaches around 6 months of age.
Often people will have missed out on puppy school or may rescue a young dog with an unknown history.
To undertake this level of training with this older member of the family can help to build a bond between the dog and the family. It also gives us the opportunity to observe and shape any behaviours that need tweaking.
In essence, this is the time in a dog’s life when he/she needs to learn that it’s time to start behaving like a “grown up dog”.


Dogs attending this course must be fully vaccinated. Therefore dogs as young as 16-18 weeks are welcome to enrol with us. This course is not suitable for dogs who are exceptionally unfriendly towards other dogs. These dogs are better catered for in the Growly Dog class.


We specialise in dog training in Newcastle, dog training in Port Stephens, dog training in the Hunter, dog training in Maitland.

During 6 week course dogs and their humans will work to develop and refine:

  • Basic obedience with distractions
  • Correct leash walking, minimising pull on the leash
  • Holding the dog’s attention with increasing distractions
  • Strategies to reduce jumping up
  • Developing and maintaining a reliable “Stay”
  • Recall over increasing distances and with increasing distractions
  • Appropriate greeting and socialisation between dogs
  • Mealtime manners


We have Level 1 Classes in Fern Bay, Lambton, Anna Bay, East Maitland, and Kurri Kurri.

It’s important to note that classes will have numbers limited to between 6 and 10 dogs, depending on the location. You need to attend all 6 weeks and that is why the calendar only starts the starting day for each course. If you need to start on a different date or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0459 574 428 and we will help you find the perfect course dates!

As some of our venues are outside start dates may be delayed if we have had inclement weather during the previous course.

We are so glad that we attended; it was absolutely wonderful. I am honestly so amazed at how much we learnt and took away from it and also how much our puppo Frankie retained. We really look forward to our upcoming lessons. 

- Mel

Upcoming Level 1 Classes

Your investment is only $280 per dog.

Fern Bay, Saturday, 9 March at 10:30am BOOK COURSE NOW

East Maitland, Thursday, 2 May at 7:15pm BOOK COURSE NOW

Anna Bay, Wednesday, 6 March at 6:00pm BOOK COURSE NOW

Lambton, Wednesday, 20 March at 7:30pm BOOK COURSE NOW

Lambton, Saturday, 27 April at 11:00am BOOK COURSE NOW

Anna Bay, Sunday, 17 March at 9:30am BOOK COURSE NOW

East Maitland Jubilee, Monday, 11 March at 5:45pm  BOOK COURSE NOW