Why a course for dogs that react to other dogs?

Some dogs begin to grow up and just don’t “get it”, particularly when it comes to being appropriate around other dogs. Reasons for this can include lack of early socialisation experiences, significant negative incidents with other inappropriate dogs, lack of experience in looking to the human for direction or perhaps just lack of
consistent training. The result is usually a dog who lunges, barks and growls at other dogs. Before you know it, you’ve joined the “Midnight Walkers’ Club”!


This course is for dogs that are reactive on the leash, often to the point where their humans won’t or can’t walk them. The class is not suitable for dogs who have seriously injured or killed another animal. Dogs that have reached that level of aggression need to be seen in a private consultation.


We can cater for dog behaviour in Port Stephens, dog behaviour in Newcastle, dog behaviour in Maitland and dog behaviour in the Hunter.


During this course your leash-reactive dog will learn to:

  • Relax in the presence of other dogs;
  • Respond faster to your directions in the presence of other dogs;
  • Voluntarily focus on you in the presence of other dogs;
  • Practise appropriate ways of being in the vicinity of other dogs.
  • We are aiming to “normalise” for the reactive dog the existence of other dogs.

You will learn:

  • strategies to use when your dog becomes agitated or over-excited around other dogs;
  • To check your own body language when handling your dog;
  • To better read the body language of your dog and other dogs;
  • How to react calmly, confidently and appropriately when your leashed dog spots another dog.

Have a listen to what one of our Reactive Rehab clients has to say after two sessions with her reactive Border Collie.

Upcoming Reactive Rehab Courses?

Your investment is only $480 per dog.
This is a course that requires you to make personal contact to secure a booking. Reactive Rehab classes run continuously. Your dog may join the class at any time, provided there is room in the class and they have completed at least one private 1:1 consultation.

This is why we need to speak to you in person before enrolment.  Enrolment in the class gives you an initial 1-hour consultation, followed by 6 group sessions. During the initial consultation we will assess your dog and observe current behaviours and handling techniques. This session allows us to give you and your dog techniques to practise in preparation for group involvement. This will give you some solid strategies to use right from the first group session. You may need
more than one private consultation and as such we offer a discounted rate for three sessions.

One consultation is $185, 3 consultations are $535.  The six group sessions are $295.
Working with a leash-reactive dog is a work in progress so you are welcome to continue in a casual capacity once you have completed your first course. This will help you to reconnect and brush up on some skills, often with a different group of dogs.

Call us 0459 574 428 to enquire about vacancies.

Been working with Julie at Barkers in Balance with my American Staffy Opie for just under a year, and can’t recommend her work enough. Opie is a timid, anxious boy who is reactive on the lead and the work we have done in individual sessions and at Reactive Rehab class really helps him. Julie goes out of her way to tailor the classes for all the dogs who attend and her advice and support is second to none. She has gone above and beyond for Opie following a recent attack by another dog and her work is a blessing to us.

- Richard H

Opie learns to focus on and enjoy mental enrichment activities in the calm presence of other dogs.