Why would my dog and I love an advanced course?

People often finish the first class for older dogs on a high, feeling very proud that their dog has achieved skills they never thought possible.

Others see that the dog is being stimulated and responding better in daily life at home.

This is a course for people who want to develop their dog’s skills even further, participating because the whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable and enriching for dogs and humans alike!


This class is designed for dogs who have completed our first course for older dogs, in any of our locations.

The class is limited to 12 dogs to allow for appropriate input and feedback to all participants.

At any one time there will only be 4 dogs in each of the three activity groups.

Therefore this class can cater for any dogs who fall into the category of “graduate” from our courses classified as dog training in Newcastle, dog training in Port Stephens, dog training in the Hunter, dog training in Maitland surrounds.


Our Covid-19 modified course will run in Medowie while restrictions prevent us from using school grounds.

We can cater for dog training in Port Stephens, dog training in Newcastle, dog training in Maitland, dog training in the Hunter.

The venue is a private property that accommodates our three activities very well.

As our current venue is an outdoor venue start dates may be delayed if we have had inclement weather before your designated start date.

THIS is OUR COVID-19 Modified Course!

We are calling this a “taster” course; weekly sessions of 1.25 hours in which you rotate through three activities over 6 weeks.

During our 6-week course the three activities we will focus on are:

  • Modified Agility – Just a few pieces of strategically placed equipment to keep your dog challenged and focused
  • Rally-O – Like agility without equipment. You guide your dog through a course of challenge cards
  • Scenting – Dogs learn to recognise a distinct odour and are taught to “indicate a find”. This is great mental enrichment for your dog and can lower their heart rate



Saturday Morning. During summer months we will offer an 8:30am start, to avoid the heat. Classes will run for 1.25 hours.

Upcoming Level 2 Classes

Your Investment: $225 per dog

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